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5 Most Commonly asked Professional Consultants Certificate Questions

Posted 29th March 2023

Professional Consultants Certificates are an important part of the housing market, but if it is your first time looking into purchasing or renovating a property then you may have some questions about Professional Consultants Certificates that you would like to have answered before committing to your decision.


At we have found our top five most commonly asked questions about Professional Consultants Certificates and have answered them to help you understand and commit to this next big step in your life plan.


What is a Professional Consultants Certificate?

A Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) is a formal document that has been signed and issued by a professional architect or surveyor. This document has been completed upon viewing a select property and indicates that the property is structurally sound and has been built in accordance with the previously approved property plans.


A Professional Consultants Certificate lasts for six years and assures that the property standard is good and has been assessed by a professional.


Who can issue a Professional Consultants Certificate?

If you are looking to get a Professional Consultants Certificate issued you will need to contact a professional architect or surveyor to come and assess your property.


When applying for a Professional Consultants Certificate you will need to book an inspection of your property with your chosen professional. At we employ a selection of professionals able to inspect and issue a Professional Consultants Certificate and begin you on your way to your new home.

What is covered by a Professional Consultants Certificate?

A Professional Consultants Certificate, formerly known as an Architects Certificate, is there to provide proof that a property has been constructed in accordance with the originally approved plans. It confirms that your property has been approved by building control and your original building contract.


Your PCC is evidence for the inspected property and can only be used for that property, it does not extend to other properties you may own or to any future properties. You will need individual and unique PCCs for each property you have purchased or are considering to ensure the building’s safety and compliance with building rules and laws.

When is a Professional Consultants Certificate required?

If you are looking to take out a property mortgage or loan for the construction of your property, you will need to provide a PCC to your bank lender before they will supply you with the desired funds you will need for the project.


When applying for a mortgage a PCC is vital, especially for new builds or converted properties to ensure the safety of the build makes it liveable. Think of it as six years of structural warranty.

How much does a Professional Consultants Certificate Cost?

Just as each property is different, each Professional Consultants Certificate is unique so the cost can vary from place to place. 


Each PCC service will offer you a quote based on your location, property size and age, which you can consider before committing. Once you have decided to go through with the PCC application you will be required to leave a deposit, at this is always £420.


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Getting a certificate doesn’t have to be complicated when you enlist the help of Professional Consultants Certificates.

At we are here to help you ensure that your new property is up to building standards. Get started today with a quote, or check out our FAQs for answers to more of your questions.

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