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We have helped thousands of people achieve certification.



Homeowners are becoming more proactive in their search for compliance. We have extensive experience in guiding them to information so they can make an informed choice. 

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Self building is a leap of faith and fraught with complexity. We believe in providing our product with the minimum of fuss, so self builders can concentrate on the more enjoyable aspects of the project.



We work with contractors of all sizes, many of whom either don’t or choose not to meet the bonds or legacy tie-ins that warranty providers require. In these cases, PC certificates can help.

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Developers & SVP’s.

We have years of experience working with developers of all sizes, many of whom create SVP’s for their projects which often prove a stumbling block for the warranty providers. Again, in these cases, PC certificates can help.


Warranty Providers.

Some of the UK’s leading warranty providers choose to use PC Certificates Ltd for delivery of Professional Consultants Certificates where it serves the client as a more suitable product.

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