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3 Things to Consider before getting started with your Professional Consultants Certificate

Posted 27th February 2023

Getting a Professional Consultants Certificate for your property is an alternative to gaining a structural warranty and is necessary for those looking to build or renovate a property.


A Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) is a signed document confirming that a professional construction consultant has visited the property and checked it has been constructed correctly and in a satisfactory manner.


Starting a Professional Consultants Certificate takes a bit of work, so what do you need to consider before getting started?

Professional Consultants Certificate Considerations

At we have outlined our top three things to consider before beginning a PCC.

 1. When do I need to get a Professional Consultants Certificate?

When looking to get a PCC on a property you need to look into when you need to get a Professional Consultants Certificate in order to begin work on any renovations or construction.


If you are purchasing land or property you will likely be applying for a mortgage. It is at this stage that you will need to be thinking about a PCC as most mortgage lenders will require proof that the planned construction will adhere to building standards.


Other situations where you will need a Professional Consultants Certificate include when you may be looking to sell, rent or remortgage your property.


A PCC is a document that lasts up to six years from the issue date and vouches for the quality of the build or renovation. 

 2. Getting a quote and paying the deposit

The next thing you need to consider is finding the right quote for you and paying a deposit to ensure you secure your PCC evaluation.


Finding the right quote is easy, with most being as simple as filling in a quote form for one or multiple properties you hope to work on.


Once you have a quote you will need to pay an initial deposit. Having paid your deposit you will be able to access your case through a secure, dedicated case management system which will allow you to manage and upload any relevant documents and review the progress of your case.

 3. Book a property inspection

A Professional Construction Consultant will need to be able to view the property or land you are hoping to develop in order to begin your case and approve you for a PCC. Find an appropriate date for your inspection when you can meet your construction consultant at the property to begin the inspection.


If you are applying for a Professional Consultants Certificate in order to get a mortgage for a property you will also need to check inspection dates with either the current property owner or the letting agent to provide access to the building.


Once your inspection is finished you can sit back and wait for your Professional Consultants Certificate to come through.


Get Started With Your Professional Consultants Certificate Today

Getting started with your Professional Consultants Certificate couldn’t be easier. Ensure your home is covered and structurally sound thanks to qualified inspections from professional construction consultants and cover your home for up to six years.


From new builds to renovations and getting a mortgage, at we’re here to help. Start by getting a quote today and beginning the PCC process ready for your next home, or check out our FAQs for more information about our services. 

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