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Why You Should Consider Renovating Instead of Buying New

Posted 19th December 2023

Deciding between buying a new build or renovating an older house is a common question, becoming more popular as the number of new builds rapidly increases across the country. In this article we will outline the importance of considering renovating instead of buying new, and why it could be better for you. Highlighting the benefits of taking on a bit more of a project, ultimately being the best choice.

Get More for Your Money

It may appear like an obvious statement, however, many people can be put off renovating by the daunting fact of not knowing how much the renovation could cost. However, with the properties in need of renovation around £29,000 cheaper than the national average, it is unlikely that you are going to be saving money buying a new build. Allowing it to be much more affordable and attractive to first-time buyers especially. 

This lower baseline price also gives you the option to make money from your renovation, providing a great investment opportunity. With some smart renovation work, you can drastically increase the value of your property and sell it for more than it costs you.

It is important to note that you don’t need to buy a new property to renovate either, often renovating your current property is a great way to save money whilst transforming your home. 

Customisation beats Convenience

One of the most common reasons for the recent surge in popularity of new builds is how convenient they can be. Allowing you to move into a house that is already complete, suiting your circumstances. However, this also limits you to how much you can do to make your house feel like your home. 

Finding your perfect house in your dream location is nearly impossible, which is why renovating can suit you so well! Buying an older property that requires renovation provides you with the chance to create your dream home in your perfect location. Empowering you with the freedom to design the home you’ve always wanted, creating more sentimental value than a new build could ever hold.

Buy Into the Charm of an Older Property

The charm and history that come with buying an older property are not something to be overlooked. Often with statement features reminiscent of the era they were built in, the character of an older house is something to be cherished.

Renovating an older property is a great way to add your touch to an already beautiful canvas. Whether it’s highlighting these qualities or designing around them, it is sure to add to the personality of the property. 

This is something scarce in new builds, often being built next to countless identical properties. An older property is a great way to have a unique home that matches your personality.

Move up the Property Ladder

Buying an older property to renovate is also a highly popular idea for people looking to move up the property ladder. This provides an amazing opportunity, especially for first-time buyers who can find more options within their budget by buying an older house and renovating it. 

As we mentioned earlier, the chance of making money that comes with purchasing a house in need of renovation provides a great chance to move up the property ladder faster. 

Where We Come In

If you are feeling inspired to renovate a property of your own, make sure it isn’t done in vain. We can help you cover your property with a Professional Consultants Certificate

If you want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team or take a look at our FAQ page.

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