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  • The Difference Between Architects & Professional Consultants Certifications

  • Posted by on 5th Mar 2019
  • When reading up on Home Warranties and Professional Consultants Certificates it may be confusing to see the mention of an ‘Architects Certificate’. But just what is the difference between an Architect Certificate and Professional Consultants Certificate and how does this affect your choices?

    What Is The Difference Between An Architect’s Certificate & PCC?

    The Architect’s Certificate is the predecessor of the PC Certificate. Typically completed by a chartered architect, the certificate was issued during the final build stages of a property, or after completion. It was used throughout the construction industry but is no longer applicable. The Council Of Mortgage Lenders (now known as the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders) created the Professional Consultants Certificate to replace the Architect’s Certificate. The PC Certificate was designed to formalise and standardise the certification of newly built or newly converted residential property.

    What Does A Professional Consultants Certificate Involve?

    Getting a Professional Consultants Certificate couldn’t be simpler! We help thousands of people achieve certification, no matter what stage of the construction process they’re at. Simply get a quote, pay your deposit and then book your appointment. Once you’ve created your account you can upload any relevant files, including project drawings, planning consent and building regulations. Once you’ve booked your appointment our dedicated surveyors will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the property inspection and after this you can get your certificate – usually within as little as 24 hours.

    How Do I Know The PC Certification Can Be Trusted?

    A certification delivered our experts is valued within the industry. Administered by our leading Chartered Architects, our specialist team has over 25-years residential property experience. The certificate is recognised by the majority of mainstream mortgage lenders, making it a robust solution for securing a mortgage.

    Unsure If A PC Cert Is Suitable For You?

    There are many advantages to using a Professional Consultants Certificate over other methods like a Home Warranty. This includes the fact that a PCC is a much more cost-effective option of providing mortgage ready certification for newly built properties, saving you valuable money and resources. If you’re unsure whether a PC Cert is suitable for you, get in touch with our team today.

    Secure Your Professional Consultants Certificate Today

    At PC Certs we pride ourselves on outstanding customer experience across the construction industry. Our quick and effective Professional Consultant Certificates comply with the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook and ensure that all parties involved will be able to secure a mortgage from reputable lenders. Based in the Midlands, our experienced team can service properties nationwide with ease. We offer discounts for multiple dwellings on the same building site, so get in touch today to see how we can help your development. Get started now by calling us free on 0800 404 5804 or filling out our quick quote form, here.

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