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  • What To Expect When Buying a New Build Home | PC Certificates Ltd

  • Posted by on 26th Aug 2021
  • When looking to purchase a house, there are many reasons to buy a new build home. The perks associated with new builds are a big factor in their popularity – but what exactly should you expect during the purchase of your new build? How might it differ from buying an older house?

    This blog will give you some insight into the process, as well as some tips for getting the most out of your new build home.

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    If You’ve Bought the Property Before it’s Completed…


    Buying a new build while it’s still under construction is not unheard of. This is known as buying ‘off plan’ and carries with it a few considerations. There are many advantages, such as the fact that many of the common defects to look out for when buying a home are seldom an issue with new builds.


    1. Customising Features Before and During the Build


    If your new home is still under construction, you have the unique opportunity to tailor it to your vision – even during the phases of building. The best advice for new build home buyers is this: be constantly informed on the progress of construction, periodically ensuring that you’re happy with how development is going. 


    It may seem time-consuming and unnecessary, but it’s well worth the effort to make sure your new home adheres to your standards. This involves visiting the site yourself and not relying solely on promotional material or reports. It’s important to have developers who are acting in your best interests and not rushing to complete the job.

    For additional peace of mind, seeking a Professional Consultants Certificate during construction entitles you to a monitoring service by a surveyor or architectural consultant. They will also periodically check on the progress to ensure the build quality is consistently meeting a high standard and provide certificates in stages to prove this.

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    2. Prepare for Construction Delays


    Schedule delays are part and parcel of any new build. They certainly aren’t the end of the world, though, so make allowance for them and expect them to crop up in order to stay sane! 


    Delays can be a good opportunity to take stock and make sure you’re happy with the direction things are progressing in. Communicate with the developer to ensure you’re on the same page. If you’re ever in doubt, a solicitor can act on your behalf to ensure delays are kept to a reasonable standard and the developer is doing everything they can to prevent them.


    Expect Continued Works in the Surrounding Development


    Buying a new build home in a larger development? Then an important consideration is that construction may continue in the surrounding area even after your home is completed. 


    Again, this is an instance in which communication with the developer is key to gaining an understanding of what you can expect after you’ve moved in.


    Enduring a short spell of continued development around you is well worth it, though; you’ll have a lovely property in a modern community to enjoy at the end of it! 

    Exterior of a house


    Getting Covered by a Professional Consultants Certificate


    If you’re looking to acquire a Professional Consultants Certificate for your new build, it’s a great idea to get this sorted on a monitoring service during construction. If you’re buying a new build after construction, that’s not a problem – a retrospective service is just as reliable and will grant your property vital PCC certification.


    Find out how it works and get a quote today.


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