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What Does a Professional Consultant's Certificate Cover?

Posted 22nd April 2024

A Professional Consultant's Certificate is there to guarantee that a property was built or converted in line with a building standards scheme, giving mortgage lenders reassurance that the building work has been completed to a high standard and that the property is safe. To provide this reassurance, it makes sense that the certification covers a range of different things, detailing various aspects of the quality, safety and reliability of the work.

A PCC is issued by a chartered architect or surveyor, who inspects the property and confirms its quality for the next six years. Read more to find out what information is included and what peace of mind it can bring to your project.

When Is a PCC Needed?

You will need a PCC if you want to take out a loan to build or renovate a property, as this gives mortgage lenders the reassurance that the construction has been completed to a high standard, and it’s unlikely that something will go wrong. You will also need a PCC if you have built or converted the property and you want to sell, as buyers will need to show the PCC to get a mortgage. You will also need a PCC if you want a buy-to-let mortgage.

A PCC isn’t a warranty, its job is to offer peace of mind to homeowners and mortgage lenders by showing that the construction was done properly. If there is a problem with the build - for example, if there’s a structural defect - the chartered architect or surveyor could be liable.

What Information is Included on a PCC?

A lot of information can be found on a PCC, giving mortgage lenders and buyers an insight into the quality of workmanship and the building regulations that have been met. A PCC outlines the assessment of the property, including its condition, value and any potential risks or liabilities.

It confirms that the building work meets all planning permissions, building regulations and industry standards necessary.

A PCC will detail the consultant's research, inspections and analysis relating to the property's suitability for its intended use. Information about the property’s value will also be included, as well as any recommendations or insights relating to the construction of the property.

Can a Professional Consultant’s Certificate Be Transferred?

Yes, a PCC is transferable, and it doesn’t end when the property is sold. A PCC is valid for six years, it remains valid for the entire six years, even if the property is sold and the ownership changes. The PCC transfers from one owner to the next and a new one doesn’t need to be issued. If the property changes ownership and then it’s renovated or converted, or if a buy-to-let mortgage is being sought, mortgage lenders might want the reassurance of a new PCC.

Whether you are building a brand new home, adding an extension or you are renovating an existing property, our experts can help. With us, getting a Professional Consultants Certificate is simple, straightforward and affordable. Get in touch to find out more.

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