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  • Posted by on 20th Nov 2020
  • A PCC or Professional Consultants Certificate as it is otherwise known, is a document that acts as a technical authentication if you’re looking to sell, mortgage or refinance a property built in the last six years. A certificate of this kind is used when looking to take out a mortgage on a recently built or converted residential property and lenders will generally only grant finance against a property if it is protected by this documentation. In this article, we provide insight into transferring a Professional Consultants Certificate.

    Is a Professional Consultants Certificate transferable?

    In short, it is possible to transfer a Professional Consultants Certificate. Once a PCC has been issued, it can then be transferred from one owner to another. If the property was to be sold, the PCC would be allocated to any future purchasers of the premises.

    How long is a Professional Consultants Certificate transferable for?

    A PCC is valid for six years in total, being transferred to any necessary parties within that time frame from the date of issue. The consultant is then liable to the owner and any lenders for six years from completion. Additionally once issued, there is no need to renew the certificate as it is valid for the full six year duration.

    What is the consultant’s role in certifying a property?

    By certifying a new build prior to or during construction or warranting a recently built or converted residential property, as consults we are assuring that the property meets the required standards. In addition to this, every certificate is personally supervised and signed off by a Chartered Architect. This therefore means that we will remain liable to the original owners and their lender and subsequent purchasers and lenders for the period of six years from the date of the certificate.

    Choose us for your Professional Consultant Certificate needs

    Do you have further questions relating to Professional Consultant Certificates that need answering? If this is the case, then the dedicated FAQs area of our website might be just the place to find out more about the information you require. We have compiled a list of typical questions we receive from our clients on a regular basis. In addition to this, our team is always on hand to answer any other queries you may have regarding PCCs, get in touch today.

    At Professional Consultant Certificates, we are on hand to make the process as simple, straightforward and cost-effective as possible. To find out more about PCCs, why they are important or for additional information about transferring your PCC, speak to our helpful team of experts.

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