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  • First Time Buyer’s Guide to Professional Consultant’s Certificates

  • Posted by on 8th Dec 2020
  • 2020 has been an unprecedented year for many in the construction industry. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on developments and processes around the world, with the industry only now beginning to return to normal. We take a look back at the year in the PC Certificates annual round-up:

    The Future of Home Development

    The home development market has seen some major changes since reopening from Covid-19. A UK-wide survey amongst property professionals discovered that key demands for property features had surged in the wake of the pandemic, such as the need for gardens and balconies, or properties near green spaces. This could have a huge impact for planners in the initial stages of construction – read more here. 

    Self Building in 2020

    It was estimated that around one million people in the UK would build their own home in 2020. From increased control over budgets, to unrivalled customisation and decision-making, there are a number of benefits to managing your own build. Learn more about how a Professional Consultants Certificate could help – here.

    New Guidance for Surveyors

    The outcome of the legal case Hart Vs Large has provided essential guidance for surveyors on their role in recommending Professional Consultants Certificates when needed. The courts ruled that, in regards to the case, it was the surveyor’s duty to have recommended a PC Certificate be sought for the property, which was not covered by an NHBC warranty. The property was in such a state of damp that an architect would have refused to provide a certificate, meaning the claimants would not have gone ahead with the purchase. As a surveyor, you can find out more about this guidance affects you, here. 

    Planning System Reforms

    This year has seen the government release a draft for reform of the planning system. One of the suggestions includes focusing on converting commercial buildings into homes through permitted development rights. This means an increase in demand for PCC’s. Find out more, here. 

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