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  • The Beginners Guide To Applying | PC Certificates Ltd

  • Posted by on 21st Dec 2018
  • A PCC is a vital part of securing a mortgage for you or a buyer. The process can seem exhaustive but securing a Professional Consultants Certification can be completely hassle-free with the support of our team. Read below to find our beginners guide to applying for your certificate and follow these simple steps to get your property certified today:

    1. Decide On Your Dwelling
    You can choose to implement a certificate for either a single property or multiple dwellings within the same building site. Discount is available for multiple dwellings, making it cost-effective for business developers looking to certify large projects.

    2. Enquire For A Quote
    Make your initial enquiry with ease through the PC Certificates website. By filling out the online quote form you can get a quote instantly. The quote form will ask for details of your property, like the type (single, multiple properties in a site or multiple dwellings in a building such as a block of flats), property details (the building stage you have currently reached and the insurance value of the property) and site details like the post code location. Once you’ve filled in these initial details you’ll be presented with a quote.

    3. Pay Your Initial Deposit
    You can secure your certificate by paying an initial deposit of £350.00, either online with a credit card or debit card or over the phone. Pro-forma invoices can also be delivered for monitoring projects. Once your deposit is paid, you can get started on your Professional Consultants Certificate process!

    4. Enter Your Online Dashboard
    After you’ve paid your deposit you’ll get access to your dedicated case management system. This is a secure area that will let you manage your documents and review your progress in real-time. This system can be accessed at any time, from anywhere – letting you complete your application on the go.

    5. Submit Your Files
    To get your PC Certificate you need to submit a number of professional documents to be reviewed. You can upload your files to your dedicated case area, or email your documents to the address. Files needed include: planning consent, copies of the project drawings and a copy of the building regulations completion certificate. This latter file is needed at practical completion build stage.

    6. Book Your Inspection
    You’ll need to request an inspection visit from one of our chartered consultants. Once you’ve requested one, a surveyor will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the property inspection.

    7. Get Your Completed Certificate
    After your property inspection your certificate will be available, usually within 24 hours. You can download it directly from your case file, making it immediately accessible.

    Get Your PCC Today

    Want to get your property certified today? Our team work exhaustively to meet your deadlines – ensuring you can rely on us to get your property certified quickly and smoothly. Get started now by calling us free on 0800 404 5804 or filling out our quick quote form, here. 

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