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  • PCC Vs New Build Warranty: Which Is Better? | PC Certificates Ltd

  • Posted by on 3rd Dec 2018
  • For new home builds there are many steps that must be taken to secure a mortgage. Lenders will need assurance that the building is in good condition, and that all the necessary steps have been taken to ensure it is a viable build that makes a solid investment.

    Fortunately there are several professional bodies that can confidently make this assurance on your behalf. New home warranties and professional consultants certificates will both give confidence and secure financial lending from the relevant mortgage brokers.

    But how can you decide between getting a new home warranty or investing in a professional consultants certificate? We look at some of the key differences, and which solution is most suitable for you:

    Choosing Between A PC Cert & New Build Warranty:

    Typically mortgage lenders will only issue money on new properties that are covered by either a warranty scheme or the Professional Consultant’s Certificate. As both are available on the market this can often lead to confusion over which type of cover to use to secure this lending.

    Unlike a New Home Warranty, the PC Certificate is not a warranty – instead it’s a certificate that holds a statement from the relevant expert that the property in questions has been constructed in accordance with applicable building regulations, that the construction process has been monitored and that the work has been completed to a good standard. To issue the certificate the expert needs their own professional indemnity insurance that can be enforced during the certificate’s lifetime (usually a minimum of six years.)

    Advantage of a New Build Warranty:

    The main advantage of a new build warranty is that the policy is insurance backed, which will protect you from costs in the unlikely event that any physical damage occurs to your building.

    Advantage Of A Professional Consultants Certificate:

    A professional consultants certificate is the perfect alternative for developers and home buyers due to its major benefit: cost-effectiveness. A professional consultants certificate is a much more cost and time effective process than taking out a structural warranty. In some instances you can save an average of up to 50% on the purchase of your certificate. The service offered is smooth and hassle-free, preventing huge amounts of administration work, and the certificate can be issued quickly allowing you to focus on other priorities. Find out more about investing in a professional consultants certificate, here.


    For developers looking for a quick, hassle-free and cost effective solution, the professional consultants certificate is the perfect option to give confidence in your building to mortgage lenders and secure the financing you need.

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