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  • Posted by on 19th Jan 2021
  • Property Renovations and conversions can be a great way to achieve your dream home. The flexibility to put your own touch on a property from the very beginning enables you to create a special and unique space. Not only this but finding the right property to work with can also be a favourable investment.

    For some, renovations and conversions can be unfamiliar territory and it’s worthwhile going into the project having an understanding of the task at hand. At PC Certificates, we have experience helping those that have recently converted residential properties or are about to commence construction become certified for mortgages purposes.

    Property Renovations and Conversions

    Renovating or converting a property for some can be a lifelong dream come true. The prospect of taking on a project is a gratifying experience with the reward of a new home to live in for years to come. With a variety of elements thrown into the mix, approaching the project professionally is a worthwhile step to take; you should utlise the expertise of architects, designers, contractors and other industry specialists. In doing this, you can rest assured that each step of the project will be completed to a high standard, whilst reducing the impact of unforeseen circumstances. That’s where a professional consultant certificate come in.

    Professional Consultant Certificates for Properties

    A professional consultant certificate is a crucial element to property renovations and conversions. The certificate is required to ensure that the work to the property was completed in line with a building standards indemnity scheme that is later acceptable to mortgage lenders.

    Why Is This Important and Why Do I Need It?

    In not having a professional consultant certificate, this can directly impact your ability to access a mortgage for your new home. Mortgage lenders typically only lend on a newly converted building where the property is covered by either a warranty scheme or a Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC). Avoid disappointment and ensure that your property is mortgage ready with our friendly and professional service. Below are some of the benefits to the support we can provide at PC Certificates.

    The Benefits that We Can Provide

    • Quality and professional advice
    • A team of experts with a wealth of experience – certificates administered by leading Chartered Architects
    • A clear, concise and user-friendly journey
    • Cost effective certification – a leading alternative to a traditional warranty scheme
    • Ensure no delays to your property with immediate quotation
    • Mortgage ready and secure accreditation

    Start the Professional Consultants Certificate Process Now

    Whether you are in the planning process of your project and about to commence construction or your property has only just been completed, we can help you. Our friendly team of experts have a wealth of experience with renovated and converted properties and are on hand to support you through the process. For the peace of mind that you can secure a mortgage on your dream property conversion or renovation, get in touch for your free quote to find out more.

Professional Consultants Certificate

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