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  • Open Spaces: The Future Of Home Development After Covid-19

  • Posted by on 26th Jun 2020
  • As the housing market reopens after Covid-19, the industry is already shaping up to undergo some major changes.A UK-wide survey amongst property professionals has found that 81% predict an increased demand for properties with gardens or balconies and 74% anticipate that the market will see a surge in demand for dwellings located near green spaces.


    So what does this mean for property developers? Green spaces and green features are now in high demand. The increase in popularity of green spaces aligns well with many architects’ renewed commitment to sustainability practices and eco-friendly architecture. But, for some property developers, it may mean sacrificing lucrative commercial property to preserve valuable green environmental spaces.The trade-off is one that property developers will have to consider carefully, especially when designing with a particular audience in mind. 


    Are You About To Commence Construction?

    If you’re in the initial stages of planning and construction then you’ll need to consider the impact that Covid will have on the future of living. And, once you’re ready to move into the build of your property, you need to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. That’s where our team can help, with Professional Consultants Certificates that are an affordable alternative to structural warranties. Find out more about how our certificate can help you, here


    The key benefits to your build include:

    • Cost effective certification 
    • Immediate quote – no delays to your project
    • Mortgage ready and secure accreditation
    • Quick appointment of surveyors
    • Council of Mortgage Lenders compliance
    • Downloadable certificate – access remotely
    • Scalability – include as many properties as you like
    • Monitoring and retrospective services available
    • Expertise – certificates administered by leading Chartered Architects with over 25-years of residential property experience


    Get Started With A Professional Consultants Certificate Today

    Whatever the stage of your build, we’re there to support and guide you through the process. At PC Certificates, our friendly and expert team can arrange certification that will ensure your building is fully CML-compliant and covered. Our Professional Consultants Certificate is a great alternative to a traditional warranty scheme, and is ideal as a robust solution to guarantee a mortgage from all the major lenders. With a quick turnaround, our specialists ensure that your building is efficiently covered and protected from any issues that may arise. Get your free quote today to find out more.


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