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  • Has The Closure Of Alpha Insurance Affected You? | PC Certificates Ltd

  • Posted by on 12th Nov 2019
  • The closure of Alpha Insurance and other indemnity insurance providers has affected many organisations and individuals, who are now left without a solid structural warranty product. Has this affected you? Find out how PC Certificates can help you today!

    The Collapse Of Alpha Insurance 

    Danish Insurance broker Alpha Insurance have collapsed, affecting huge numbers of property developers and construction companies. Customers who have commissioned bodies like CRL for structural warranties have been left without a product after Alpha collapsed, leaving the organisation without insurance to provide their product.

    Since the collapse of Alpha Insurance, PC Certificates have been working exhaustively to provide support for all customers affected. We have been providing a quick turnaround solution, ensuring that property developers and construction companies are not left without cover.

    What Is A Structural Warranty?

    A structural warranty product is an insurance policy designed to protect you against any issues that arise in new buildings. The insurance policy is taken out before building begins and protects the homeowner from any damage that may arise during the first few years of the property’s life. It’s important to get a structural warranty if you’re looking to sell your property once it’s completed you’ll need a structural warranty to help sell, as the vast majority of mortgage lenders and banks require a structural warranty to be implemented prior to issuing a mortgage.

    How Can PC Certificates Help Affected Customers?

    For many customers of Alpha Insurance and other affected companies, the uncertainty has caused a huge number of issues. At PC Certificates, we can arrange solutions for a structural warranty that will ensure you’re not left without cover. Our Professional Consultants Certificate is a great alternative to a warranty scheme, and is ideal as a robust solution to guarantee a mortgage from lenders.

    Get In Touch With Our Friendly Team Today

    If you’re looking for help finding cover for your building, get in touch with our friendly team today! Our passionate team work hard to ensure your business is efficiently covered and your property is protected against any defects or issues that may arise.

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