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  • Fire Regulations for New Properties
  • Fire Regulations for New Properties | PC Certificates Ltd

  • Posted by on 22nd Oct 2020
  • When building a new home or converting a residential property fire safety is a key feature within Building Regulations. All domestic properties are subjected to Building Regulations, this is to ensure all safety measures are adhered to and Part B of the regulation concerns itself with fire safety. In this article we review the fire regulations for new properties and provide insight into how you can protect yourself and your property.

    Be Smart with The Materials You Use

    You can enhance the resilience of your property from the ground up by selecting materials that have been tried and tested and do not contribute to a fire. Selecting these types of materials in the early stages of construction or renovation will aid in protecting your property in the long term should a fire ever break out. In addition to safe building materials, the furniture within the property should also be fire retardant.

    People are the Priority

    Fire safety and regulations are put in place with the interest of the people living in the property as the priority. In the event of a fire, fire precautions aid those that are occupying the building to escape safely and effectively. Such precautions include smoke alarms and detectors to warn of the fire. This is combined with a fire escape plan to ensure that those in the building have sufficient routes of evacuation and the ability to vacate the property quickly.

    Complete Safety Checks

    Safety checks, particularly with gas and electrics should be carried out by a professional and at regular intervals. Completing regular inspections provides peace of mind that everything is working as it should be, and if it isn’t, early detection significantly reduces the risk of a fire.

    Minimise the Fire Spread

    The new build or renovation will be required to adequately resist the spread of a fire from the external walls and roofing of the property. This is required so that any neighbouring properties can remain protected from as much spread of the fire as possible. Considering other buildings in close proximity to the property is vital.

    Suitable Access

    Similarly to reducing the spread of a fire and considering buildings nearby, space around the property should also be taken into account. In the event of a fire, under the building regulations act the fire service are required to have sufficient space and access to tackle the fire safely. In light of this, provision of adequate access should be made during the time of construction.

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