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  • 5 Most Commonly asked Professional Consultants Certificate Questions

  • Posted by on 29th Mar 2023
  • Professional Consultants Certificates are an important part of the housing market, but if it is your first time looking into purchasing or renovating a property then you may have some questions about Professional Consultants Certificates that you would like to have answered before committing to your decision.   At…

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  • The Most Common Mistakes Made By First-Time Landlords

  • Posted by on 19th Dec 2022
  • Becoming a landlord has never been so popular. Since 2020,  buy-to-let investors are seeing on average 5% yield per annum coupled with a surge of tenants looking for places to live, making the move into second-property ownership a lucrative opportunity. There are, however, a number of pitfalls and common landlord…

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  • Do I need an Architects Certificate for my mortgage?

  • Posted by on 23rd Nov 2022
  • When you are looking towards getting a mortgage there are many things to consider, one of which is whether you will need an Architects Certificate for your mortgage.   What is an Architects Certificate? A Professional Consultants Certificate was formerly known as an Architects Certificate and is a certificate that…

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  • Mortgage Advice For First Time Buyers

  • Posted by on 23rd Oct 2022
  • Buying your first house can be stressful, and knowing how to get your first mortgage isn’t something they teach you at school. As a first time buyer a mortgage can feel like a daunting process as you are making the decision of where you want to live for the next…

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