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  • 8 Questions You May Ask About A PC Certificate

  • Posted by on 16th Apr 2019
  • If you haven’t built or converted a property before, you probably won’t have heard of the Professional Consultants Certificate. When the time does come for you to think about getting one, you are bound to have some questions.

    Professional Consultants Certificate FAQs

    1. What is the Professional Consultants Certificate? – The Professional Consultants Certificate ensures that a property has been built or converted in line with expected building standards. It is used by mortgage lenders, so they know whether to lend on a property.
    1. Who Needs a Professional Consultants Certificate? – If you are looking to sell a property and the person buying it needs a mortgage, you will need a Professional Consultants Certificate. If you are looking to rent a property and want a Buy to Let mortgage, you will need a Professional Consultants Certificate. This is the case for properties that you have either built or converted.
    1. Is a PPC the Same as an Architect’s Certificate? – The Professional Consultants Certificate is not the same as an Architect’s Certificate. It has been created to ensure that properties that have recently been built or converted all follow the same building standards.
    1. Can You Transfer a PCC from One Owner to Another? – The Professional Consultants Certificate can be transferred from one owner to another. Once it has been issued, you can transfer it to whoever goes on to purchase the property.
    1. How Long Does the PPC Last? – Once it has been issued, the PPC is valid for six years. It isn’t something that needs to be renewed annually.
    1. Does Everyone Accept the PPC? - There are very few residential mortgage lenders that do not accept the Professional Consultant Certificate. If you are using a mainstream lender, you should find that they will accept the PPC without a problem.
    1. Can You Get a Mortgage Without the PPC? – It is difficult to get a mortgage without some sort of warranty, such as the PPC. Almost all residential mortgage lenders will require you to have proof that all building work has been completed to a satisfactory standard.
    1. How Do You Get a PPC? – There are a few different ways to get a Professional Consultants Certificate, but the easiest is with expert help. Rather than having to worry about applying for the certificate yourself and navigating the application process, there are experts available who can provide a quick and simple PPC service. To find out more, get in touch.
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