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  • 8 Questions You May Ask About A PC Certificate

  • Posted by on 16th Apr 2019
  • If you haven’t built or converted a property before, you probably won’t have heard of the Professional Consultants Certificate. When the time does come for you to think about getting one, you are bound to have some questions. Professional Consultants Certificate FAQs What is the Professional Consultants Certificate? - The…

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  • 10 Steps To Getting A PCC

  • Posted by on 28th Mar 2019
  • The mortgage lending market is growing every year. The value of residential mortgages given out by lenders continues to increase and, as it does, the services of Professional Consultants Certificate providers becomes vital. Find out how to get your PCC in our handy infographic:

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  • Who Are UK Finance?

  • Posted by on 28th Mar 2019
  • UK Finance is a large trade association, one that works within the UK banking and financial services sector. It was formed back in July of 2017, as a merger between a number of other associations. This merger brought together the British Bankers’ Association, Payments UK and The Council of Mortgage…

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